White Paper on responsible AI development across the entire AI value chain

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Ai value chain
AI value chian

This White Paper resulted from an interdisciplinary group of experts working to advance responsible AI development and build trust in AI deployment.
Key highlights of the white paper:

➡ proposes the use of a Multi-Actor Governance Framework (MAGF) to promote assurance and accountability across complex AI value chains.
➡ recognizes that accountability requires appropriate information flows between actors, but current tools are insufficient.
➡ advocates for standards on the formatting, process, and
content of information sharing between actors to facilitate accountability.
➡ analyses 5 case studies to demonstrate how the framework improves transparency and risk management.

Case study 5: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) number plate recognition
Case study 5: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) number plate recognition

Adoption of this framework, integrating input from regulators and standards bodies, will enable responsible AI development.

However, the white paper is just a starting point.

✅ Please read it, provide us with your feedback, and join us to actively participate in the next steps.


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