XXI Secolo RAI 1 – The interview with Emanuela Girardi

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Emanuela Girardi spiega la differenza tra intelligenza umana e intelligenza artificiale nel programma XXI Secolo su RAI 1
Emanuela Girardi explains the difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence in the XXI Secolo program on RAI 1.

Artificial intelligence is reinventing daily life, the workplace, industries and the economy. Francesco Giorgino interviews Emanuela Girardi who explains that we are experiencing a real revolution and that we all need to learn to use these technologies in a safe and aware way in order to take advantage of the great opportunities they offer us. On RaiPlay you can find the recording of the XXI Secolo program on RAI 1.

Emanuela Girardi spiega cos'è l'intelligenza artificiale a RAI 1 nel programma XXI Secolo
Emanuela Girardi explains what artificial intelligence is on RAI 1 in the XXI Secolo program.


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