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We are still living in an AI summer: investments, publications, the AI job market, patents are still increasing globally.

The fields of computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) have been advancing so rapidlys, but they still can’t reason about what they’ve seen or read. Reasoning is still a frontier of AI. We need to invest in research to improve this area.

There’s a huge amount of interest in AI ethics right now, with high participation in meetings and workshops in AI ethics and increasing number of publications on this topic.

AI regulation is a global hot topic: in 2021 18 bills related to AI passed into law trying to manage the risks that AI can bring.

AI Needs Women and diversity: 20% of new AI and CS Ph.D.’s are female, and the situation has moved only a few points over the last decade, at least in North America. 57% of  new AI and CS Ph.D.’s are white.

Climate change is not yet a hot topic in AI: there are very few reports focused on the environmental impact of AI systems. We need a green label for AI systems!

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